Nargis Kofta


•  Makhani curry (300 gm)

•  Bowl Curry Spice Mix

•  Cottage cheese (100 gm)

•  Carrots (50 gm)

•  French beans (30 gm)

•  Green peppers (50 gm)

•  Cauliflower (50 gm)

•  Oil (1 kg)

•  1/2 teaspoon Red chilli powder

•  1/2 teaspoon Amchur powder

•  ¼ teaspoon Turmeric powder

•  ¼ teaspoon Salt

•  ¼ teaspoon white pepper

•  1 spoon cornflour powder

•  Half a lemon

• Cream


•  Fine chop all the vegetables and sprinkle a pinch of salt over it. After 5 mins squeeze the water out

•  In a bowl, add the chopped vegetables, grated cottage cheese, corn four powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, amchur powder, lemon and make a dough, and let it sit for 30 mins

•  Make balls of the dough, and fry it in hot oil

• In a pan, heat the Makhani curry, and spice mix according to taste, and add the kofta to the mix. Add around 100 ml of water and let it boil for 10 mins.

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