• 100% Vegetarian.

    All our curry bases are pure vegetarian. There is no meat used or sold in our products or Bowl Curry factory. You can decide what protein you like and add it to a curry of your choice. We’ve helped with recommendations to make life simpler for you!

  • Made with love.

    We’re intentional about our processes and our ingredients. Health, happiness, and loving care for our consumers are always our highest priorities.

  • Clean label product.

    We believe in the power of natural flavours, which is why our products contain NO artificial flavourings/enhancers and NO preservatives. We carefully select high-quality, wholesome ingredients for our meals and curries, because you shouldn’t have to choose between taste or health.

Bowl Curry:
From Our Kitchen to Yours

At Bowl Curry, we're passionate about bringing the taste of authentic Indian cuisine to your doorstep. Our recipes have been passed down through generations and are designed to transport you back in time to the bustling kitchen of your childhood, where the tantalizing aroma of spices and the sizzling sound of oil conjured up the delicious anticipation of a home-cooked meal. 

We believe that food is not just about sustenance, it's about connection, culture, and memories. Our products are designed to make home cooking easy, fast, nutritious, and delicious so that you can spend more time enjoying the company of your loved ones and less time in the kitchen. Gear up to taste the nostalgia and feel the love in every bite, as you portal to the warm embrace of childhood memories.

Munna Maharaj:
The Legacy Continues

Since its inception in 1978, Munna Maharaj has been a household name in Kolkata, gradually establishing itself as a leading Indian catering giant. Their philosophy was to create an unforgettable dining experience and treat their guests like royalty, with premium food and exceptional service. Their signature sauces were a big hit at outstation events and renowned hotel chains, serving elite clientele. Keeping alive his father's legacy, Arnish, the owner's son, saw an opportunity to bring these sauces to a wider audience, leading to the creation of Bowl Curry.

At Bowl Curry, we take immense pride in delivering the finest Ready to Eat Meals and Ready to Cook curries to your table. Our commitment to quality starts right at our state-of-the-art factory, where every step of the production process is meticulously handled. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our products are crafted with utmost care and precision.