As people who are super passionate about food and travel, we have always wanted to recreate that perfect dish we had on a vacation, savoured at a distant relative’s home, or craved for incessantly. But often, we would find ourselves struggling for time and recipes, making a list of ingredients we never had.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

  • We are a team of foodies

    Discover the joy of food with our team of passionate foodies. We bring you the best ingredients and recipes for unforgettable meals.

  • Who we are

    BowlCurry is a culinary innovator, blending the rich heritage of Indian cuisine with modern simplicity. We're a team dedicated to bringing Munna Maharaj's legendary recipes into your kitchen.

  • What We Do

    We craft easy-to-use cooking kits that bring the authentic taste of India to your table. Our mission is to make Indian cooking a joyous and hassle-free experience for everyone.

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Munna Maharaj

Munna Maharaj started off as a household name in 1978 in Kolkata. Over time he grew into a renowned Indian catering giant, serving elite clientele. He believed in making guests feel like royalty dining in unprecedented lavishness by providing premium food and service. Delivering remarkable taste for 40+ years, the name now resonates excellence in food.

Munna Maharaj

Curry Cullture

Curry Cullture, as our name suggests, is dedicated to sharing authentic flavors of India while staying true to our Indian roots. The essence of Curry Cullture lies in inviting you to experience the true beauty of Indian culinary traditions, all while ensuring your convenience.In a world where time is precious and cultural connections matter, Curry Cullture bridges the gap between tradition and modernity. It provides a platform for you to explore and appreciate the intricate tapestry of Indian culinary heritage while accommodating the demands of contemporary life.

Curry Cullture

Bowl Curry

My father, Munna Maharaj, has already won the hearts of millions of clients with his culinary delicacies. Bowl Curry was my way of bringing that exceptional taste to everyone’s home. Our curry cooking kits have been created from his recipes. We wanted to provide a foundation to play on where you create your personalised curry. I love the Indian saying of ‘haath ka swaad’ which to me means each individual adds their own touch to food making it tasty and unique, and so I designed a product that’s highly customizable. We wanted to ensure that anyone, whether they are a skilled chef or have trouble boiling water in the kitchen, could make a delicious curry and proudly call it their own creation

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