Jodhpuri Gatte ki Sabji


•  Dahi curry (300 gm)

•  Bowl Curry Spice Mix

•  Oil (1 Kg)

•  Besan (20 gm)

•  Curd (100 gm)

•  Baking Soda (¼ teaspoon)

• Coriander


•  Make a dough with besan, sieved curd, baking soda and bowl curry spice mix and water, let it sit for 10 mins

•  Roll it out and make cylindricals shaped gatte

•  Fry the gatte in hot oil

•  In a pan, heat the Dahi Curry, and spice mix according to taste, and add the gatte to the mix. Add water and let it boil for 10 mins.

• Finish with fresh chopped coriander and salt to taste

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