Munna Maharaj

Munna Maharaj started off as a household name in 1978 in Kolkata and over time grew into a renowned Indian catering giant, serving elite clientele. We believe in making our guests feel like royalty dining in unprecedented lavishness by providing premium food and service. Having a client forward approach, we go above and beyond everything you ask for. Delivering remarkable quality presented with finesse, we have over 40+ years garnered a reputation of excellence, but stay truly humbled and eager to explore, improve, and continuously grow. We strive to exceed all expectations and provide a memorable experience that our guests fondly recall for years.

Curry Cullture LLP

Curry Cullture, as our name suggests, is dedicated to sharing authentic flavours of India while staying true to our Indian roots. With carefully concocted recipes created under the expertise of chefs who spent decades perfecting their craft. Superior quality ingredients prepared under strict hygiene standards to give you the best taste; no preservatives are used so your palate is unaltered.